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Terms & Conditions

Rental Rules
Security Deposit

The security deposit of £ 100 is not charged as rent. The deposit will be charged upon arrival and will be returned to you upon final check-out on your check-out date if the following conditions are met.
No refund will be made to your deposit.


X Turkish Lira, which is the price of the rent, will be deposited in advance to the bank account to be sent to you by e-mail.
A £ 100 refundable security deposit will be charged at your check-in.


Cancellations must be made 30 days in advance. In the event that information is provided 30 days in advance, the paid amount is refunded without any penalties. For cancellations and changes less than 30 days, the amount deposited cannot be refunded. Cancellation or early exit does not entitle the return of the paid amount.

Accommodation Duration

The property has a minimum stay of 2 nights. The minimum length of stay can vary according to different holiday periods. In case the lessee stays less than the minimum stay for the specified period, the lowest accommodation amount for the period specified is charged.

Amounts Included in the Rental Price

The clean sheets and towels given before the entrance are included in the rental price and the water and electricity expenses that will be generated during the stay are included in the rental price.

Housekeeping Service

Since the clean sheets and towels are allocated to you as much as the number of people, the daily cleaning fee is not included in the stated rent but can be paid with additional fees upon request of the tenant. Our advice is to bring your beach towels with you, because bath towels are not allowed on the beach.

Lease Price Changes

Tanyel Construction & Estate Limited (Rentals) reserves the right to make changes.

Fake Reservations

If it is understood that a fraudulent reservation has been made, the amount paid up to that date is not confiscated and no refund is allowed.


Toilet paper, diapers and ties should be thrown into the toilet pails which are positioned in the bath room and should not be disposed of in the toilet. If the mentioned wastes are discharged into the toilet, septic wells are blocked and two hundred pounds sterling (£ 200) can be claimed for the damage.

General Use of Houses

It is forbidden to enter the house in a sandy manner and you are asked to enter the house with the help of showers positioned outside the houses. The house you have rented should be left clean and tidy as you received it, and if it cannot be transferred as specified, the amount of cleanliness and loss will be deducted from your security deposit. All the equipment and materials in your home belong to the home that you have rented, it is forbidden to move to or outside the house or to the other houses.

Use of Pool